Introducing the new MNA website!

Today I am pleased to roll out the new MNA website at (read it as MountainNA).  The goals of the redesign are to bring the website code up to date to address security issues (and make it easier to apply updates), enhance the usability, and provide a better overall solution for membership and our content.

In addition to migrating the old content, I also wanted to experiment with new features that would make the website more valuable to the members of the association. Please direct any feedback or additional ideas to me at  or on the website feedback forum (this is open to everyone to read but requires logging in to post).

New features on the site include the following (some are explained in detail below):

MNA Membership

MNA membership will now be associated with a website login (this will greatly simplify life for our webmasters).  All Mountain residents are invited to create a new login on the site at the Membership Registration page.  Once you create an account, your information will be visible in the Membership Directory, and you will be able to access the members-only pages on the site. 

***Please pay via Credit Card (the PayPal link) if possible, since this greatly reduces the work to process memberships, otherwise select “Pay by Check” and follow the post-checkout instructions.***

Member Business Listings

In addition to our Recommended Businesses list (compiled from Google Groups recommendations by John Peterson), we have also introduced Member Business listings.  Any resident can add their business (or their child’s, etc) for $50/year per listing.  We are hoping this provides a way for us as residents to support our neighbor’s businesses while their businesses also help support the MNA. 

NOTE: As a trial to see how well these are utilized, any business can create a listing for free until the September renewal.  Please contact me  to set one up.

Other Fun Stuff


Have you ever thought “I wonder if someone in the neighborhood has a [ladder, matte cutter, some other random item] I could borrow”?  In addition to “for sale, “wanted”, and “free” categories, I’ve also created a “to borrow/rent” category where members can list items they would be willing to lend to others in the neighborhood.  I’m sure collectively, we all have enough tools to fill a Lowes, Hobby Lobby, or Toys ‘R Us, so here is your opportunity to find a new home for old stuff, help out a neighbor, or simply find an alternative to buying things you may only need to use occasionally.

Suggestion Box

One of the issues the MNA board faces is trying to gauge the neighborhood interest in capital improvements or ideas to help bring the neighborhood together.  The new website has a suggestion box where members (or the board) can submit ideas and get feedback on which ones have the backing of the neighborhood.   MNA members can browse the suggestions and upvote the ones they support and the MNA board will gauge the feasibility or work towards implementing programs. 

Photo Album

In addition to some newer photos, I have also scanned some really old pictures from the 1992 Tree Planting event.  Log in to view them and see if you recognize anyone 🙂 

Online Forums

The online forums aren’t meant to replace the Google list but instead provide an easier way to form smaller discussion groups that don’t spam the entire neighborhood.  I foresee this being used to facilitate the Mountain interest groups (i.e. sign into a forum to get updates on when Pickleball is being played or look for a cycling partner) as well as facilitate other discussions (like website feedback, organize MNA events, etc).


Please let me know of feedback that anyone has about the website.  I’m always open to new ideas for things to add (most of the things I’ve added are things I thought would be useful).  Also let me know if anyone encounters problems creating a login or has questions about using the site.  I can also try to put together some FAQs or tutorials for common questions.

Eric Deal

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About Eric Deal

We moved into the Mountain in 1998 and have raised all three of our kids here. We have been members of the MNA every year we have lived here and feel strongly that families living in the neighborhood should support the association and be actively engaged in our community. Monica served as a block captain for many years and Eric has served as President of the MNA from 2007-2011, Membership from 2012-2019, and President again in 2020.