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MNA (2)

Annual MNA dues are $50 cover the costs of running the association (insurance, mailings, website), maintaining the front entrance (mowing, lighting), social events, and capital improvement projects.

Most importantly, without financial and volunteer support from the community, the MNA would not be able to inform residents about issues that affect us or be able to meaningfully represent our neighborhood’s views.

The MNA is a voluntary HOA, however, we encourage all residents to join the MNA. By joining, you not only financially support the MNA and its programs, but you also lend your voice to the community to allow the MNA to represent a larger number of homeowners.

If you have any questions, please contact our membership chair, Eric Deal.

Architectural Control Committee (7)

1. Review your Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for your Section of the MNA. You should have received a copy from the Title Company when you purchased your home.

If you do not have a copy (or simply can’t find your copy), you can:

  • Obtain one from the title company who closed the purchase of your home; or
  • Get a copy from the Travis County Courthouse.

2. Review your Section’s Restrictions related to your proposed project.

3. Complete a copy of the MNA ACC Improvement Request Formand fill it out and submit it with your complete project data.

4. Submit the packet to one of your sections MNA Board members.

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No, the MNA does not charge a fee for reviewing improvement plans.

The Architectural Control Committee has 30 days after receipt of the proposed project (including all pertinent documents) to review the plans submitted to assure compliance with the Restrictions in your section.

The ACC can do one of the following:

  • they can approve your project,
  • request additional information,
  • reject the project or
  • do nothing by which you have received approval by non-action of the ACC.

If the ACC requires additional information, it may request that information or it can deny the project. You can be notified via e-mail or by phone and mail. Note that an ACC denial or request for additional information of a project stops the review process time frame. The 30 day review period starts again after the requested information is received by the ACC.

If construction is started prior to written approval by the ACC, the project can be stopped and the owner is subject to legal action by the ACC and/or possibly civil legal action by neighbors.

All structural improvements, including, but not limited to; storage sheds, home additions, fencing changes, play equipment, decks, arbors, gazebos, swimming pools, playhouses, tree houses, walls, hardscape, landscape improvements altering drainage paths, and exterior alterations.

Landscape improvements such as trees, flowers, shrubs, and general landscaping do not need to be reviewed. Note that flower bed borders and walls can change water drainage flow causing problems for neighbors which could result in legal action by neighbors.

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According to Sec.4 of the MNA’s “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions,” approval by a member of the ACC must be obtained for any of the following improvements listed below to individual MNA property”…until a copy of the construction plans and specifications and/or a plan showing the location of the structure have been delivered to and approved by at least one member of the Architectural Control Committee…”

  • building structure
  • fence
  • wall
  • improvement
  • antenna
  • solar panels or wind energy devices

The Architectural Control Committee will review plans as to the quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design with the existing structures and as to the location with respect to topography and finished grade elevations.

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All homeowners upon purchase of property in the Mountain Neighborhood in effect agree to maintain the property to the standards of the deed restrictions and covenants.  This includes

  • keep grass, weeds and vegetation trimmed or cut so that the same shall remain in a neat and attractive condition (Sec. 18)
  • keep property free of trash (Sec. 19)
  • not keep farm animals on the property (Sec. 16)
  • no noxious or offensive activities of any kind shall be permitted upon any lot (Sec. 11)
  • not place temporary structures on property (shed, trailer, mobile home, unlicensed vehicles, etc. Sec. 12)
  • no truck, bus, boat, or trailer shall be parked on the driveway or any portion of the lot as to be visible from the street (Sec. 13)

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Neighborhood (3)

Neighbors often ask what are the restrictions on trailers, RVs, and boats parked at residences in the neighborhood. These are covered by our Covenants (which we all should have signed at closing and can be found at

No truck, bus, motor home or trailer shall be parked in the street in front of any lot except for construction and repair equipment while a residence or residences are being built or repaired in the immediate vicinity, and no truck, bus, boat, or trailer shall be parked on the driveway or any portion of the lot as to be visible from the street.

In addition the City of Austin has their own restrictions:

Links to city restrictions are

In summary: motor homes are limited to 72 hours on the street and trailers/boats must be in a driveway (it must be paved, so not in the grass). 



In this section:


DRIVEWAY means an area adjacent to a curb cut providing vehicular access between a street and an off-street parking area, including a circular driveway.


FRONT YARD and SIDE YARD have the meanings assigned by Section 25-1-21 of the Code (Definitions).


MOTOR VEHICLE means a self- propelled vehicle designed for use on a highway and includes an inoperable motor vehicle as defined in Section 9-1-1 of the Code (Definitions).


RESTRICTED PARKING AREA MAP means the official map depicting the areas to which this section is applicable, adopted by ordinance and on file with the police chief.


This section applies to residential property within the areas depicted on the restricted parking area map.


A person may not park a motor vehicle in the front yard or side yard of a residential property, except in a driveway or a paved parking space depicted on an approved site plan.


This subsection applies to a request to amend the restricted parking area map to include or exclude a neighborhood association area.


The following persons may submit an application to the city manager requesting that the city council amend the restricted parking area map:


for an area with an adopted neighborhood plan:


the chair of the official planning area contact team; or


an officer of a neighborhood association if there is no official planning area contact team; or


for an area without an adopted neighborhood plan, an officer of a neighborhood association.


The city manager shall accept an application to amend the restricted parking area map during February of each year. The council shall consider the applications annually.


The city manager shall give notice in English and Spanish of the public hearing before the council by publishing notice in a newspaper of general circulation not later than the 16th day before the date of the public hearing. The City is responsible for the cost of publication.


The city manager shall give notice in English and Spanish of an amendment to the restricted parking area map not later than the 30th day after the amendment is effective to the following associations and persons in the affected area:


each neighborhood association;


the chair of each planning area contact team;


each City of Austin utility account holder; and


each notice owner who does not reside in the affected area.


A neighborhood association must be registered with the Public Information Office of the City.


If an area in a neighborhood plan combining district is added to the restricted parking area map in accordance with Section 25-2-1406 (Ordinance Requirements), the council may delete the area only by amending the ordinance that establishes the neighborhood plan combining district.Source: 1992 Code Section 16-5-22; Ord. 031204-13; Ord. 031211-11; Ord. 040325-Z-1; Ord. 20051027-010; Ord. 20080131-133; Ord. 20110609-058.

Our neighborhood is serviced by these utilities.

Our Schools Are Located in Round Rock ISD

Laurel Mountain Elementary


Laurel Mountain Elementary School is located at 10111 DK Ranch Road, Austin, TX 78759.  
Phone: 512-464-4300  Website:

Canyon Vista Middle School


Canyon Vista Middle School is located at 8455 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759.  
Phone: 512-464-8100  Website:

Westwood High School


Westwood High School is located at 12400 Mellow Meadow Dr, Austin TX 78750.  
Phone: 512-464-4000  Website:

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